“…LORD, You have been our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever You had formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.” (Psalm 90:1,2)

Fairfield Presbyterian Church

Celebrated the 325th Anniversary with 325 Years of God’s Faithfulness

The year of our Lord 2005, marked the 325th year of a congregation of God’s people who eventually became known as Fairfield Church.

A committee was established and set the following goals for the celebration:

  • To remind us of God’s faithfulness and declare it in our celebration.
  • To encourage hope in the future for God’s continued faithfulness.
  • To preserve and archive Fairfield Church History to the benefit of those who seek local genealogical data.
  • To minister to the community at large, that our neighbors see Fairfield Church as a benefit to the communities of Fairfield Township and Cumberland County.


An official celebration took place on October 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2006

Our Keynote Speaker was Dr. David Calhoun,
Professor of Church History at
Covenant Theological Seminary

New England Towne Cemetery Restoration Project

Fairfield Presbyterian Church is eager to preserve the history revealed in the New England Town Cemetery. This burial ground is also known as the Cohansey Cemetery. What ever the designation, these solemn grounds and grave markers are an essential expression of the history of Fairfield Presbyterian Church and in the broader context, an integral part of the history of the settlement of the early colonies and the founding of our nation. This history must be preserved.

As a part of the celebration of 325 years of history, Fairfield Presbyterian Church solicited help in the restoration work necessary to preserve the story inherent in these grounds and stones.

This involves surveying the cemetery, charting all grave markers, taking photos of the stones, doing rubbings of them and repairing the table stones of the Rev. and Mrs. Ramsey. Fairfield Church will put the information gleaned from this restoration project into a form that will be usable for many, especially for those who would do genealogical research.

To see the progress of the restoration project, click below:

Cemetery Restoration Begins

If you would like to assist in the restoration work, please send an e-mail, or call (856) 451-7687

Below is a link to an index of websites that post the names on the tombstones from several old Cemeteries in Cumberland County, New Jersey, including the two cemeteries associated with Fairfield Presbyterian Church. The index notes these cemeteries as Old Cohansey Cemetery and the Presbyterian Church, Fairfield. These are known correspondingly today as the New England Town Cemetery and the Cemetery at the Old Stone Church.

Note: these lists of names on the headstones were compiled in 1914, so later burials at the Old Stone Church yard are not listed. There were no more burials at the Cohansey Site after 1788.

325th Anniversary

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